When the A Cappella Group Already Has One Black Guy (feat. Bo Burnham) - Key & Peele

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Key & Peele

Year ago

Conflict erupts when a black student joins a college a cappella group that already has a black member. (Contains strong language.)
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Jean Play Apex
Jean Play Apex 8 hours ago
Stopped watching at the second bleep
canadianroot 16 hours ago
I fucking love these guys! Every sketch is brilliant.
Philip Paul
Philip Paul 19 hours ago
Why did they bleep the curse words? Srsly this does nothing but make the video worse
a Jackson
a Jackson Day ago
2:58 so das on nem..??
Cheefus Smith
Cheefus Smith Day ago
Is that bo burnham?
Abdul N
Abdul N Day ago
No Name
No Name 2 days ago
What's up with the fucking *bleep*?? Ruined the whole sketch.
Davon 2 days ago
White approval is the 2nd most powerful force in the know universe, with white supremacy being the 1st.
Ethan Knight
Ethan Knight 3 days ago
Its so much more effective with the bleeps
Steven Shoe
Steven Shoe 3 days ago
The way the lighting changes and gets kinda dark when they stare each other down all serious with the dramatic ass DUN sound efect is the funniest part to me.
Karalynn Untiedt
Karalynn Untiedt 3 days ago
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Marlon 3 days ago
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Willee85 4 days ago
This is whats it all about!
Byron Edgars
Byron Edgars 4 days ago
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Jay Edgar
Jay Edgar 5 days ago
It’s so hilarious seeing bo standing beside everyone. He’s so tall and he’s practically crouching
Víctor J. Braga
Víctor J. Braga 6 days ago
Is this channel run by VEVO now? Fuck the censorship
Omgdannie2 6 days ago
This is f0ked with the beeps. :|
m 7 days ago
Mark shot first
Flare616 7 days ago
I love Bo so much!!
Welks 8 days ago
Jordans face destroys me....
Droyce 1991
Droyce 1991 8 days ago
This had me rolling 🤣😂
JTishere 8 days ago
The fact that bo burnham had to actually fucking slouch like a fucking goblin to be short is hilarious
ObsoletePowerCorrupts 9 days ago
This would have been funnier if the "muh diq" reference was barber-shopped in like that Ram-Z-Paul upload (about year old or more) when he has flipped the camera to negative (to make himself look black) whilst singing _"muhhhh diiiiq"._ As an aside Peele really does look like RATM's Tommy Morello as a doppelganger. It's uncanny. He's not really black- enough on the blackometer for these sketches. Remember when Chris Cornell sang in audioslave (and they'd likewise do some RATM songs). He looked and sounded ridiculous _(in particular because he has an amazing vocal range and thereby should know better)._ It was the polar opposite of this barber-shop scenario by plonking a crooner in a rap band. The fact that it was rap-metal _(and sound-garden borders on rock-metal similarity sometimes)_ didn't bring the genres closer but instead highlighted how juxtaposed the cornell-ratm mash-up was. Well anyway, it made Chris Cornell look whiter than he is, and then one kinda realised that maybe Zack was never black enough to be in RATM either (singing those songs). In the same theme, I find Mars volta (at the drive-in) questionable too in their "black/white complaints" blether (usually onstage in live gigs). RATM was basically all about the amazing guitar of Morello. The others were good musicians but were still essentially a multipack of "talented enough dudes" that morello could have session-playered in if he was inclined to do so (and obviously he wasn't). I relentlessly never gave a flying fork about the lyrics in RATM. In hindsight, I suppose I get a chuckle out of the fact that the guitarist was so awesome that many people listened to the music of RATM just to hear him and were utterly indifferent to the rants of Zack in the lyrics. Morello (I imagine) is probbaly all simpathetically up in the beef of whatever Zack prattled on about, but that's not really the point. The point is that _(even though he did not mean it to be so)_ his guitar was so awesome that all the racial (or whatever) lyrics were ignored. Lol.
Joost Goedegebure
Joost Goedegebure 10 days ago
what's the background song at 3:36 ?
Nenad ИС XC Shuput
Nenad ИС XC Shuput 10 days ago
See.. this is maaaaay 7whiteboiz shiiit
n a t e f r m b k l y n
n a t e f r m b k l y n 10 days ago
lol @ "That little Motown outro thing..."
WINH4X 11 days ago
Oh, hi, Mark.
Joel Gandia
Joel Gandia 11 days ago
Censored so thumbs down
Allenochi Paredes
Allenochi Paredes 11 days ago
its extra funny cause peele pretty much clarifys that he just met those white guys 25 minutes ago
Grace T.
Grace T. 11 days ago
Bo is so tall he has to literally bend his knees to get at their level 😂
Barrett Blaney
Barrett Blaney 11 days ago
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Corliss Thomas
Corliss Thomas 11 days ago
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retasketa 11 days ago
Why do i feel like i've seen adam and ders do a scene like this before on workaholics?
Propdoe 11 days ago
Notice how he shook everyone’s hands except the black guys when he walked in. 😂😂
ThatGuy1979 12 days ago
This always makes me think of pentatonix
David Harrison
David Harrison 12 days ago
''I'm doin ma thing''' xDDDD
Badca2k 12 days ago
Who else remembers the uncensored version?
DrJuicyNugs 12 days ago
Funniest one yet
Aio 1
Aio 1 12 days ago
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SimpleReally 14 days ago
2:41 even Key struggles not to laugh
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 14 days ago
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KeenanDexter 14 days ago
Wait why tf is bo burnham here
Supmotto 15 days ago
Jody Hepperly
Jody Hepperly 15 days ago
1:42 "Cool guys, great practice. slapassssssss."
Alfonso Poblete
Alfonso Poblete 16 days ago
The editing on this is just fantastic. The changes in pallette and tone are top notch.
BOY - MIYAGI 16 days ago
Which part of High School Musical is this?
Teo Dell' Orcio
Teo Dell' Orcio 12 days ago
The true ending
L.Pasteur 16 days ago
Someone mentioned how the fat guy with the hat mouths Peele’s line at the end and now I can’t unsee it.
Mina Tran
Mina Tran 13 days ago
omg i saw the word mouthing, and then i immediately saw this comment 😆
Amber Page
Amber Page 16 days ago
I miss them LOL!
CapoeiraRecio 16 days ago
Why did they censored this? the uncensored clip is way BETTER
OdaKa 17 days ago
So this is Chad from High School Musical vs. Zachary from Sunday School Musical
Frog ❶
Frog ❶ 17 days ago
why did i just realize that's bo burnham lmao
TJ 18 days ago
These two tokens can't even get me on a train these days...
sdeluen 18 days ago
More! they need to do more of this sketch.
Pokemaster X
Pokemaster X 18 days ago
nammuoi thayquan
nammuoi thayquan 18 days ago
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Raven 18 days ago
0:01 how i plan on proposing
Denise Wallace
Denise Wallace 18 days ago
Bo Burnham
Ashley Giron
Ashley Giron 18 days ago
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Mo 2k
Mo 2k 19 days ago
Poor bo gonna have back problems from slouching every time the director wants him to stay in the shot
audel barocio24
audel barocio24 19 days ago
Sing Along with Dan
Sing Along with Dan 19 days ago
Why are you bleeping the F words? This is the internet...you're allowed to say the F word. This sketch is ruined by all the bleeps.
Zeke Spears
Zeke Spears 18 days ago
this is a clip from their tv show
DraKon31e Ee
DraKon31e Ee 19 days ago
All crimes matter
Toikuto Assumi
Toikuto Assumi 19 days ago
Shit went down from Nooice! to black on black violence, to wizard vs wizard Epic Battle!!😂
Seekers of Unity
Seekers of Unity 19 days ago
Thumbs up if you came for the Bo 👍🏻
JPN 19 days ago
Yeah have to say they're both REALLY good at altering their facial expressions to suit their characters
Morgan Patterson-Gill
Morgan Patterson-Gill 19 days ago
"25 minutes...." 😂
PrimaDeluxe 20 days ago
I love the way the lighting changes with the improv scene
The Tug Dealer
The Tug Dealer 20 days ago
Peele’d face when key walks in an example of some of the finest acting ever.
lolbob999999 Plus 1
lolbob999999 Plus 1 20 days ago
Oh shit that’s Bo Burnham
J. Bennett
J. Bennett 21 day ago
Tokenism - case study 📚🙌🏾
Emparin 21 day ago
Wait the fuck up, the guy on the left is bo burnham?
alex thelizardking
alex thelizardking 21 day ago
The set makes it obvious that they're in Greendale community college.
Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez 21 day ago
Where can I watch the uncensored video
Rick CBG
Rick CBG 21 day ago
I have a lot of catching up to do. These guys are genius
** khaled
** khaled 21 day ago
The beeping man 😡 like who invented this shit
Chill Bro
Chill Bro 21 day ago
hahaha This is actually the first material I've ever seen from Key & Peele this was hilarious!
xl 21 day ago
I didn't get the dick joke at the improv club
Kamron Popal
Kamron Popal 22 days ago
Why am I just realizing bo is in this
Braxton Everheart
Braxton Everheart 22 days ago
ROFL this is so good x3
Brian Warner
Brian Warner 22 days ago
Troy good effort…..
Cow Win
Cow Win 22 days ago
I dunno pentatonix has 2
shae 23 days ago
when you turn night mode off 1:52
Kai Park
Kai Park 23 days ago
anyone else notice that the whiteboard in the background says “cleft” instead of “clef”
Vi De
Vi De 23 days ago
Everyone shud take notice of the real deal msg at the very end (At least I see it as serious, and not ironical)
xLoOnEyOuTcAsTx 23 days ago
0:42 walks right past the brother 😂
Denise Moore
Denise Moore 23 days ago
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Chazz Robinson
Chazz Robinson 21 day ago
Citizen Payne
Citizen Payne 23 days ago
WHAT "strong" language?!
Darkuschris21 23 days ago
Nobody talking bout Bo Burnham thoooo
TeachMe4Free 23 days ago
Never heard of Key & Peele until I heard Dave Chapelle complain about his material being stolen by the Networks on Netflix.
Vibrant Designs
Vibrant Designs 23 days ago
The sound engineer who bleeped that delay at 3:12 needs a raise right now 😂😅
Timothy Moore
Timothy Moore 24 days ago
see ya later alligator
Denise Monet
Denise Monet 24 days ago
Their outfits tho lol, key: cargo shorts with high socks and tennis shoes, peele: baggy pants in the wrong places with dress shoes and a tucked in polo, they so wanted to fit in..
lupowins 21 day ago
Infiltrate the inner sanctum of whiteness. We got smart after Eddie Murphy made it in back in the day.
Gyayu Sercho
Gyayu Sercho 24 days ago
From Marvel to DC real quick.
Evelyn Brownhm
Evelyn Brownhm 24 days ago
The thundering bumper kelly nail because europe unknowingly supply amid a abnormal nancy. abrupt, male cupcake
AYellowBarn 24 days ago
ruined with the bleeps
Trippyville Beats
Trippyville Beats 24 days ago
where is the uncensored version lol
Baldwin Lorenzo
Baldwin Lorenzo 24 days ago
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
segoviate 24 days ago
Why did they bleep out the curse words? In the original show you can hear them. It makes it so much funnier when you can hear it. Fuck sake.
chev izak
chev izak 24 days ago
I'm gonna tell my kids this is highschool musical.
Isabel Sörensen
Isabel Sörensen 24 days ago
End black on black violence ending got me like insert gif
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