Ordering Soul Food Like a Pro - Key & Peele

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Key & Peele

10 months ago

A visit to Mama Sugarback’s Soul Food Shack leads two men into a competition of one-upmanship.

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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Marlon 21 hour ago
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Travis .Fin
Travis .Fin 3 days ago
"a opossum spine" had me rolling
VanillaMafiaGames 4 days ago
Reminds of AOC when she talks to black people, can't stand how she does that
Julian Kavanaugh
Julian Kavanaugh 6 days ago
He would have said coke smh
Aaron Priest
Aaron Priest 7 days ago
They should have ordered the boiled Walrus Anus or the salted Alligator Nipples
Joanthony Almestica
Joanthony Almestica 7 days ago
Bowl of mosquitos!
A 8 days ago
Nathan Gülec
Nathan Gülec 9 days ago
Sarah Ross
Sarah Ross 9 days ago
That gag made me gag 😩
Corliss Thomas
Corliss Thomas 10 days ago
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XLilahlvsgachaX 11 days ago
Cooking items on chopped be like: 1:38
Dominic Sanchez
Dominic Sanchez 12 days ago
Freaking dumb
Tracy Drago
Tracy Drago 12 days ago
All of that sounds just amazing right now
Robert Mathew
Robert Mathew 12 days ago
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REGGIE G 13 days ago
Ironically "fatbacks" is the only thing on soul food menu besides "greens" from this skit
Bruno Falcão
Bruno Falcão 13 days ago
1:19 “Donkey Teeth... Boise State.”
Big TX Bullion
Big TX Bullion 13 days ago
Possum spine had me crackin up
Trillian Ca
Trillian Ca 13 days ago
This gotta be racist some how
PookieNumnums 13 days ago
you know neither of them are from the south because they didnt say neckbones or black eyed peas
ian dallen
ian dallen 13 days ago
This is so racist. I can not believed the systemic racism in this skit....
SlimJim ASMR
SlimJim ASMR 13 days ago
I was dead halfway through, now i'm a damn zombie.
Santrice McPherson
Santrice McPherson 13 days ago
DF 13 days ago
Lowkey one of their better sketches lmao
Neji Hyuga
Neji Hyuga 14 days ago
That bih say okra and fried red snapper 🤣
Box Hype
Box Hype 14 days ago
I am a waitress that works at a soul food restaurant and I hear this order all the time
Mark Ajamu
Mark Ajamu 15 days ago
Gotta have the Gravy....with a foot🦶 or an ass 🐎 ... the Gravy is a MUST!!!!😉
Maclane Baucom
Maclane Baucom 15 days ago
dixie cup full of lard lol
Nailah Johnson
Nailah Johnson 15 days ago
ToddRobinson13 15 days ago
I'll never forget when a manger told me that chicken livers, and gizzard were "black people food", after I, a white guy, had ordered them.
GrandeurGuillotine 13 days ago
Haha he doesn’t know white people love chicken livers and gizzard in the south
tarachoudsx 15 days ago
......”y’all got ham hocks?”
April Collazo
April Collazo 15 days ago
Y’all stupid! 😂Lololo
cameron barclay
cameron barclay 16 days ago
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lexo30 16 days ago
I went to a restaurant in Krakow in 2006 that literally had a cup of lard on the table, for smearing on your free bread. It was delicious. I would have totally eaten whatever these guys ate, up to and including the pigs feet with grits. But I do draw the line at mosquitoes.
Brandon Childers
Brandon Childers 16 days ago
Lemme tell some of yall high class people a little secret. The truth is in that gravy. Put a little gravy on your head and your tongue will beat your brains out trying to get to it.
Person 16 days ago
can someone explain why black people try to "out black" each other? My friends growing up would do this! lol their cousins would be in from out of town and suddenly they get way blacker than they were yesterday. I even got beat up once lol
hadracks 13 days ago
Put any group of young people together and they will compete- not just black people, all people.
QueenC baby
QueenC baby 16 days ago
I thought she was gonna ask do y’all want any hot sauce 😂
incarnadinelifestyle 16 days ago
This is game of 'who's more black'.
Stocks And Books By Bre
Stocks And Books By Bre 17 days ago
Dude said a bucket of mosquitos..
Matthew Falter
Matthew Falter 17 days ago
I would be so annoyed and so happy if this happened to me as a server.
Sai Soujanya Munukoti
Sai Soujanya Munukoti 17 days ago
Donkey Teeth... he was there in East West Basketball League
Simba S
Simba S 17 days ago
No kool leg
WBM/Music 17 days ago
Rusty bucket full a fish heads wrapped in razor wire lmao
Snack 17 days ago
After googling the terms these guys for the real food I realise as a Scottish man I eat this shit all the time without an issue.
Snack 17 days ago
MessengerOfTruth 17 days ago
... that's how "mixed brothers" who aint quite "black enough" act. Always the light skinned brothers tryna "act black" and just overdo it all the time.
Kevin Tenuta
Kevin Tenuta 17 days ago
should be called assoul food
John Jordan
John Jordan 17 days ago
I'm all about soul food but, those donkey ankles would have to be in hot sauce. Don't bring me no naked-ass donkey ankles ! I'm just saying.....
Darius Elliott
Darius Elliott 17 days ago
this is sad
tom bennett
tom bennett 17 days ago
Ok.. now list yalls favorite soul food restaurants in the comments. I'll start "This is it BBQ" DeKalb County GA
Logan Spena
Logan Spena 18 days ago
I think she reacted to "donkey teeth" because she was a fan of the football player of the same name. Peele had to clarify, "any animal tooth will do."
Johnny Khomlately
Johnny Khomlately 17 days ago
Didn’t he used to line up opposite Thackteratrix? 😂
Eric Puhlmann
Eric Puhlmann 18 days ago
The shit will have me dying of laughter every time. I feel like the newer content doesn’t hit the same
zzz immune
zzz immune 18 days ago
Both have white wives.. that is all
Randell Wayne
Randell Wayne 19 days ago
Key & Peele... I mean, what the heck? I never laugh when I watch their videos. I just go, “Hmmm...” 🤔
BARELY BROWN 20 days ago
“Donkey teeth?!”
Wesley Mapu
Wesley Mapu 20 days ago
Sopee 20 days ago
The Dude 3000
The Dude 3000 20 days ago
I ain't black but ain't this a bit insulting? I get soul food ain't the healthiest but still. Still love these two. Super funny videos.
Holmes Invasion
Holmes Invasion 20 days ago
“Donkey teeth?”😂
Luke Russell
Luke Russell 21 day ago
I like her reaction to donkey teeth acting like it’s a ridiculous thing to order, but everything else was normal
AP 21 day ago
Please don't google *Stork Ankles*
Numa Newbern
Numa Newbern 21 day ago
Those Yankee Kerlerd folk are too light, dats dem FAKE California Kerlerd folks dats tries to be like the real macoy
HayabusaJudah 21 day ago
nah, he won when he said a dog face, wrap the whole thang in an ebony magazine....lmbooo
TJ Miles
TJ Miles 12 days ago
The Ebony magazine made it sing 🤣🤣🤣
stephaniegelainem 21 day ago
And a human foot. I am dead!
Laundry Sauce 2
Laundry Sauce 2 21 day ago
I went to New Orleans once. Should’ve asked for a bowl of straight humidity and sewer smell. Oh and alcohol like as much as you can muster
Andrew Field
Andrew Field 16 days ago
After Katrina 80% of New Orleans was covered in water. The remaining 20%...still covered in piss.
Joey Iandoli
Joey Iandoli 21 day ago
Yo, I'm as big of a Key and Peele fan as any, but why have they been uploading clips from episodes from seasons from 5-9 years ago? With that being said: Key and Peele 2021 comeback? Please Jordan and Keegan :(
Joey Iandoli
Joey Iandoli 21 day ago
Yo, I'm as big of a Key and Peele fan as any, but why have they been uploading clips from episodes from seasons from 5-9 years ago? With that being said: Key and Peele 2021 comeback? Please Jordan and Keegan :(
Susie Brown
Susie Brown 21 day ago
airnoi phongsavath
airnoi phongsavath 22 days ago
I actually do want some pigs feets right now though, but with some kind of greens.
Shivam Anand
Shivam Anand 22 days ago
Man College Basic Training
Man College Basic Training 22 days ago
No sweet tea or Kool Aid? LOL
chris delo
chris delo 24 days ago
LOL. When she asked about the human foot, I thought she would ask if it would be left or right.
Christine Ferreira
Christine Ferreira 25 days ago
Our issue when we go out to eat is not to order the same thing.
B R 25 days ago
Funny because soul food is just crap no one wants to eat.
D. Kane
D. Kane 25 days ago
The foot was white...
santosh kurasa
santosh kurasa 26 days ago
One hell of a restaurant it is
PanicMose M
PanicMose M 27 days ago
Straight out a donkeys mouth?? .. nah, he was ordering donkey teeth from Austin Powers!!
Tasha Boswell
Tasha Boswell 28 days ago
Here in Alabama, 4 lbs of grits means family is coming over.
i want pastries
i want pastries 16 days ago
Shrimp in those grits??
NickEvershedMusic 28 days ago
What the fuck did I just watch?!
s staners
s staners 29 days ago
Sure beats the Blues Brothers version of 4 fried chickens and a coke.
kawika da
kawika da 29 days ago
A human foot? That's soul food? Yuck
Sam Kaufman
Sam Kaufman Month ago
All sounds good except for the grits.
Hirza Ahmad Mutahari
Hirza Ahmad Mutahari Month ago
Hmm i don't get the jokes, can someone Care to explain?
haeziq hashla
haeziq hashla Month ago
“Bowl of mosquitoes”😂😂
Abir Month ago
not sure why but i envisioned Biden the moment i heard "Donkey Teeth"
daniel perez
daniel perez Month ago
The electric cuban bioinformatically pretend because celery karyologically need during a steep bait. halting, absent suggestion
Michelle Christine
Michelle Christine Month ago
I laughed so hard I started crying
xavier Magnate
xavier Magnate Month ago
This is just pure comedy and really funny!
Warren Timpson
Warren Timpson Month ago
Stork ankles!!! 😂😭💀
Karthik Chitta
Karthik Chitta Month ago
They're preparing to do some voodoo-ass shit after
Muhd Zulfaiz
Muhd Zulfaiz Month ago
Can you guys put the subtitle for a slow person like me, thanks☺️
TatzRules Yay
TatzRules Yay Month ago
i knew sh.t was bout to hit the fan soon as I heard "i want chitlins"
Treil Blaze
Treil Blaze Month ago
They later went home to throw up and eat tuna noodle casserole made by their caucasian wives in their suburban culdesac homes
Mark Butler
Mark Butler Month ago
The gradual escalation though 🤣
Siddhant Bangar
Siddhant Bangar Month ago
Ppl who know Rhett&Link knows what I'm gonna say further....so I'm not gonna say it !
Rack Sinchez
Rack Sinchez Month ago
You can tell the guy behind Jordan's trying his hardest not to laugh lmao
bikibaws Month ago
the Theo Von menu
TJ Miles
TJ Miles Month ago
Bowl of mosquitos almost killed me 😂😂😂
Can I reach 100 subcsribers without content?
Can I reach 100 subcsribers without content? Month ago
Donkey Teeth...my man sure knows what hits the spot well.
Can I reach 100 subcsribers without content?
Can I reach 100 subcsribers without content? Month ago
Be Honest how many times did you pause just to roll o the floor while laughing...
TJ Miles
TJ Miles Month ago
Bruh..I been laughing for 20 mins
Melodie Month ago
This was the best one yet.
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